Educate yourself on Electronic Voting for HOA’s

Educate yourself on Electronic Voting for HOA’s

Some of the daunting challenges HOAs frequently face during elections are the high cost of printing and mailing ballots, as well as getting all their members to participate. Organizing an election requires a lot of time, energy, planning and resources and due to high costs of the election, HOAs cannot allow themselves low voter turnout. Often, besides low voter turnout, there are many different issues that process of voting rather complicated. Issues such as forgetting to send out proxy forms before the meeting, forgetting to check and document a quorum or allowing everyone and anyone to vote can make the HOAs election quite demoralizing. However, there is a way to change this situation and organize a quick, safe and reliable election by using internet voting for HOA’s with EZ Vote Online. Read on to learn how online voting can change the way you view and feel about HOAs election efforts.

Benefits of Online Voting for HOAs

Today, more than twenty countries in the US have changed their laws to allow HOAs to vote online. Some of those countries include Maryland, Washington, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, and Minnesota. These states legislature has allowed the associations to conduct elections and other membership votes through an Internet-based online voting system. This way they have provided hundreds of associations across the US to remove the costs of designing, printing and mailing paper ballots. Not only that online voting solutions save money, but they are also environmental-friendly. Many people still consider online voting platforms unreliable, however, when you are working with the right professionals and proper technology, online voting is entirely safe and secure. In fact, electronic voting is more reliable than the traditional way of balloting. Some of the most common issues that arise during the election for HOAs are miscounting votes. However, EZ Vote software is completely reliable, and it doesn’t leave any space for human or technical error. Online voting is automated, precise and 100% accurate! You will never have to worry again about tallying and duplicate ballots.

Besides the advantages we mentioned above, we have to point out, that by conducting an online election for HOAs, you will gain valuable voter data. Based on the gathered information, you will be able to easily segment and report or work on improving your future elections. One of the biggest problems every HOA meets is the lack of members’ participation. Since online voting is so accessible and fast, it will increase your voter turnout as well as overall member involvement in elections. The reason behind this is easy to understand – when voting is easy, convenient and it doesn’t take away a lot of our time, all members will vote. The only thing you need to vote is internet access and a mobile phone. You can vote whenever and wherever you are just in a few seconds. In order to ensure there are no frauds or mismanagement, online voting systems are transparent and available to all members of HOAs.

Choose EZ Vote today and stop stressing about that maybe a box of paper ballots got forgotten in the trunk of someone’s car. For more information on making the move to an online election system, please check out our website.